Under the effect of ‘Covering Sarah’: exorcising trauma of racism

SABC | Sharlene Khan:

Sarah Baartman was a South African Khoikhoi woman who was paraded around “freak shows” in London and Paris two centuries ago, with crowds invited to look at her large buttocks. Baartman was exhibited in a cage alongside a baby rhinoceros, nicknamed “Hottentot Venus” and used by Europeans to exemplify their “European white superiority”. South African visual artist Senzeni Marasela‘s “Covering the Hottentot Venus” depicts the famous 19th century French print “La Belle Hottentot”, which shows the pseudo-scientific scrutiny that Baartman was subjected to in the last months of her life which ended in 1816. In Marasela’s red watercolour, Baartman stands on a podium as four Europeans try to glance at the mythologised “Hottentot Apron” and indulge their fascination in her steatopygia (large buttocks)… Read more

Image: Sarah Baartman (Source)