Daily Planet | Kari Mugo:

“Where are my roots?” was the question posed to artists and audience members at Little Africa’s first arts, open mic and dialogue series. The free event, held Jan. 20 at the Snelling Cafe in St. Paul’s Hamline-Midway neighborhood, joined ongoing efforts with the Little Africa initiative. Little Africa’s artist organizer, Lula Saleh, who describes herself as a writer, storyteller and singer-songwriter, hosted as a dozen immigrants, third-culture kids, politicians and activists took the stage to artfully share their identities through speeches, song and poetry… Read more

Image: Artists and business owners speak on a March 8 panel held at the Flamingo Restaurant in St. Paul to discuss the importance of Little Africa. From left, Karima Omera, Frewoini Haile, Ngeri Nnachi, Netsanet Negussie. Photo by Cristeta Boarini.