Everyday robot: One man’s rubbish in another man’s art

Times Live | Rea Khoabane:


Downtown Johannesburg has become a place where hipsters from the northern suburbs snap glamorous moments through their lenses, yet they often don’t see the people who live on the streets.


Mean Street: Zwelethu Machaphe’s art

Artist Zwelethu Machaphe spent eight months capturing the lives of people who recycle plastic in the city. They cover their faces against the smog and push trolleys, and drivers often get annoyed without considering what these people contribute to the environment.

Everyday Robot is a series of watercolour paintings created by Machaphe to give the recyclers dignity and offer the viewers a glimpse of street lifestyle. He says the series is derived from a show he presented titled Degrees of Separation. The drawings were done on mounting board using watercolours, charcoal and fade-proof fine liner…


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