Exhibition toasts SA sculpture world’s ‘stars of the north’

Mail & Guardian | Same Mdluli:


Instead of overanalysing the context from which these Limpopo artworks sprung, we should enjoy them for their individual merits.


All the works on display are crafted from different types of wood sourced by the artists from their respective immediate environments. (Supplied)

In the early 1980s, South African art audiences were introduced to the sculptural work of artists from Limpopo through a number of large-scale curated exhibitions such as BMW Tributaries (1985) – curated by Ricky Burnett, The Neglected Tradition (1988-1989) – curated by Stephen Sack, and Ten Years of Collecting (1989) – curated by Anitra Nettleton and David Hammond-Tooke. 

Although the exhibitions exposed the public to art they had probably not encountered before, the artists, being mostly African men who did not have the advantage of academic education, were still enmeshed in a complex relationship with the art market and the trajectory of South African art history…


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