Faith47 outlines her artistic style on CNN’s ‘African Voices’


This week CNN’s ‘African Voices’ featured world-renowned South African artist Faith47, famed for using everything from gallery walls to street murals as a form of self-expression.

Reporting from Cape Town, the programme followed Faith to understand how her artistic style developed and was ultimately influenced by her surroundings in the city.

Faith explained to the programme how her love for art began at a young age: “I’ve always been more of a visual person… From quite a young age, I was drawing and just interacting on that level. All my school books were covered in drawings, so it was just a natural process for me to express myself in that way.”

Originally starting by producing graffiti at the age of 16, Faith found her artistic style developing without having attended art school.

Faith explained what led her to move away from graffiti and develop her style further: “After some time, I needed to find my own way. I got really absorbed into the process of painting in public spaces and the conversation that’s being had between the environment and what you’re putting in there. From there my work just started changing and evolving.”

‘African Voices’ heard how Faith’s work has developed beyond street art, including shrine constructions and video pieces all across the world.

Faith explained to the programme: “I work a lot in Europe and the United States, a little bit in Asia and kind of all over. I am interested in travelling to more developing nations more because that kind of inspires me a lot more, but I do have a really deep connection to South Africa and the continent.”

In her work, the programme heard how Faith draws upon her own personal experiences or from her travels, which have ultimately helped influence and expand her artistic style.

‘African Voices’ learnt that Faith’s latest work has brought her to the famous ‘Wynwood Walls’ in Miami, Florida.

The curator of Wynwood Walls, Jessica Goldman-Srebnick, explained why they chose to highlight Faith’s work: “The Wynwood Walls is the largest outdoor street art museum in the world. I wanted to shine a light on women street artists, and so I brought together what I believe to be some of the greatest women’s street artists in the world and Faith was one of them. What I love about her is the way that she kind of reminds us about the power of nature, her work kind of gives you this sense of the divine. Very spiritual but very powerful.”

Despite her worldwide success, ‘African Voices’ heard how Faith is still inspired and influenced by the outdoors and open spaces, just as she was when she began her career in Cape Town.

Faith explained to the programme: “Abandoned spaces have specifically always interested me. It’s really refreshing to go into a space that is absolutely empty and peaceful and has this sense of story to it… I want to bring some of that language back into the urban scape. because i think it’s something that really lacking in today’s society.”

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The show aired on Tuesday 14 March at 06:30 SAST

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