Fears grow that hard Brexit will damage UK trade

THE ART NEWSPAPER | Gareth Harris:

The UK art market is, for now, weathering the storm after the shock vote to leave the EU in June, say dealers and other art professionals, who stress that London is proving surprisingly resilient. But other leading figures are concerned about the long-term impact and whether the government will prioritise trade concerns following the narrow vote in favour of breaking away from the EU.

“In terms of a multicultural, cosmopolitan metropolis, London has no rivals, and it is hard for anyone to see a viable alternative within the EU,” says the art adviser Hugo Nathan, the co-founder of the London-based consultancy Beaumont Nathan. “The general feeling has been that the world isn’t ending,” says Jack Bell, a London dealer specialising in contemporary African art… Read more

Image: London art market could still be hurt by the conditions of the exit deal (Photo: AP Images)