Fire Place: Science and art burn bridges

Times Live | Graham Wood:


On a 5ha hillside in the Khatlhampi Private Reserve, which borders on the Nirox Sculpture Park and Artists Residency in the Cradle of Humankind, a massive image of a child reaching out to an eland has been burnt into the grass. 


Scorched Earth: The artwork ‘Benko and Eland’ by Hannelie Coetzee at the Nirox Sculpture Park. Image by: Terracam

The silhouetted figures, titled Benko and Eland, form part of a remarkable project, dubbed “Firegrazer”, in which art meets science and broadens the scope of both.

Artist Hannelie Coetzee, fresh from a month at Wanas Konst in Sweden where she produced a 7m-high image of a wild boar made from branches and tree trunks, and known for her almost Bansky-ish mosaics and angle-ground images on urban walls, collaborated with scientist Sally Archibald to create this work…


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