Food, art, wine and whisky at the Mmm… McGregor Festival

Yahoo News | Rachel Robinson:

If food, wine, art and small quaint towns are things you love, then the Mmm.. McGregor Festival is the perfect place to spend a weekend.

What’s up at the Mmm… McGregor Festival

It’s six o’clock on a Friday evening and we are stuck in a traffic jam in McGregor. But not your usual Joburg rush hour kind of traffic; this was a rather festive kind of jam.


The McGregor Unistars brass band were putting on quite a show on the famous “road to nowhere” and while the band trumpeted merrily on, children danced gleefully along the road and dogs ran alongside them. We had arrived just in time for the start of the Mmm… McGregor Festival and it was quite the welcoming party…


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