Kerrie O’Brien: The Sunday Morning Herald

It’s no coincidence that Frida Kahlo’s face is so well-known, that distinctive, fierce gaze staring defiantly down the barrel of the camera. Kahlo worked on that look and in a diary entry revealed her approach: “Turn slightly to the side and then you look, without blinking, to the centre of the camera. What I do is start thinking of all the pain I’ve had in my life.”

“She’s like Cindy Sherman but many years before – that is why Frida became so big,” says Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Mexican artist and curator of the exhibition Frida Kahlo, her photos. “One of the most important [things] is the group of portraits photographers did of her – it was Frida who created this strategy of being really intense. The body, the self-representation, the feminism, all of the things that make her a really important artist.” …Read More

Pictured: Frida Kahlo, by Guillermo Kahlo, 1926 © Frida Kahlo Museum. CREDIT:A ESTRADA