Gallery Momo: No titles enable your own take

Mail & Guardian | Athi Mongezeleli Joja:


Gallery Momo’s group exhibition, which closed off 2014’s art calendar and begins the new season, is neither titled nor arbitrarily framed around some “serious” theme. The omission of titling artwork is largely about freeing art from the burden of “meaning” to allow the viewer a chance to read the work without the directive of titles, content and context.

An exhibition of works by well-known artists and newcomers at Gallery Momo liberates the viewer. (Ayana V Jackson)

Meaning has been like a stain most difficult to remove or not expect. But in the evolution of art, meaning has been both inevitable and central, whether contested or radically rejected.

After all, real abstraction is not an escape from the material world, but an attempt to redefine perception and understanding. Gallery Momo’s untitled show does not free itself from meaning, but rather invites us to engage in our own understanding of the work…


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