The gender imbalance in art cannot be glossed over

The guardian:

The systemic prejudicial gender imbalance of male/female artists perpetuated in both public and private galleries (The art gap, G2, 7 February) could be remedied. Publicly funded galleries could sell existing artworks to fund female parity, while having a part moratorium on the purchase of male artists’ work until equality is reached in, say, a maximum of 10 years’ time.

The current unfair situation has had a positive effect on my own work, leading me to make art about art itself. My piece titled “Painting Baselitz’s Bottom (while singing to our babies)” was done last year for my exhibition of the same name at the Gedok Gallery in Karlsruhe, Germany, which is part of a national organisation of galleries and events dedicated to women artists… Read more

Image: Judy Liebert’s piece entitled Painting Baselitz’s Bottom (above) intends to show that the art world is more about money than art. Photograph: Judy Liebert