Geometry and Art: sacred patterns that underlie the world

Business Day | Edward Tsumele

It is hard to turn away from one of the digital prints in Gordon Froud’s latest exhibition, titled Harmonia: Sacred Geometry, the Pattern of Existence. Entitled Human Figure 7, the piece shows a man standing with both hands on his waist. There are seven geometric patterns traced on the image that are so dominant it is possible to forget that this is a representation of a person. This fascinating exhibition brings home the realisation that geometry plays a very important role in everyday life, and that it is usually taken for granted how geometric patterns interact with people.

“I deliberately created the human figure image in a way that does not objectify the models. The models are photographed in their underwear, but a viewer hardly notices that and instead is drawn to the geometric patterns,” Froud says. A loyal supporter of the arts, and an influential figure in Gauteng’s arts community, Froud took two years to conceptualise the exhibition, which tells the story of geometry in human existence through the prism of four major concepts: the human figure; city structures such as buildings and lifts; the spiritual aspect and geometry in nature…read more

Image: Gordon Froud, Figure with Geometry