Ghana cannot boast of a national art gallery-Prof. Glover

Spy Ghana:


Eminent Ghanaian painter, Prof. Ablade Glover, has said the absence of a national art gallery to preserve, collect, exhibit and foster the appreciation of Ghanaian works of art is a sin.


Ghanaian painter, Prof. Ablade Glover. Photo by Jonathan Greet 2010

Welcoming guests last week to the opening of a month-long exhibition of paintings by Wiz Kudorwor at the Artists Alliance Gallery at La in Accra, Prof. Glover stated that this country had no excuse for not having a national art gallery.

“We are extremely proud at Artists Alliance to host Wiz Kudorwor but it still makes me sad that there’s no national gallery to contain such beautiful stuff,” said Prof. Glover, who is a retired professor of art and a director of the Artists Alliance Gallery…


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