From Snakes and White T-Shirts to Vinyl LPs: 6 Artists Reveal the Good Luck Charms That Keep Them Inspired

artnet News | Margaret Carrigan

We’ve all done it—knocked on wood to ward off misfortune, clutched a rabbit’s foot for good luck before an exam, thrown spilled salt over our shoulders to get the devil off our backs. Call it superstition or just a silly tradition, we’re always looking for ways to bring some cosmic beneficence our way—or at least a little push in the right direction from the Powers That Be. And artists are no different. Since they’re always seeking that lightning bolt of divine intercession and inspiration, it makes sense that many artists cultivate small charm collections or even entire rituals to help them get in the zone while working in their studio or keep them centered before a big show.

Indeed, Salvador Dalí was known to be very superstitious, always packing a piece of Spanish driftwood to keep away evil spirits when he traveled. Others were more idiosyncratic—like Pablo Picasso who reportedly never threw away old clothes or even his nail clippings lest he lose some of his “essence.” However archaic or oddball, these habits have the same basic math behind them: More good juju and less bad vibes equals better art. So, we asked a few lucky artists working today what kind of books, mementos, works of art, or other talismans they keep in their studio or take on the road to get their creative juices flowing…read m0re

Image: Compilation by artnet News