Grandmother of African art finds unlikely partner in war on Aids

The guardian | Tracy McVeigh:

On the outskirts of a sprawling low compound stands a sun-bleached, hand-painted billboard. It welcomes visitors to the village and proclaims: “Esther is here … First lady to travel over sea.”

Esther Mahlangu is indeed here. She is sitting, legs outstretched, on a reed mat lain across a mud floor, painting careful black lines on a rough piece of paper with her chicken-feather paintbrush, inside an open-sided thatched-roof hut. This is the classroom where she teaches young girls, just as her mother and grandmother taught her “long, long ago”, she says… Read more

Image: Esther Mahlangu at home in the village of Mabhoko, South Africa. Photograph: Jonx Pillemer/(RED)