HALF ART: Beautiful truth of even the ugliest art

BD Live | Chris Thurman:

AYANDA Mabulu’s paintings are not pretty. They are the work of an angry man, a man who was already fed up with President Jacob Zuma in 2010 (when most South Africans were distracted by the Soccer World Cup) and who has, over six years, repeatedly produced unflattering portrayals of the president. His compatriots have belatedly come to concur with this point of view.

Before Brett Murray produced The Spear, Mabulu had begun a crusade to show that our lecherous, treacherous leader — like the emperor in the old story — was and is, as it were, not wearing any clothes. Zuma is not alone as the object of Mabulu’s ire; he shares that status with a panoply of local and global figures in Mabulu’s densely allusive works… Read more

Image: Nandipha Mntambo’s Minotaurus. Picture: Chris Thurman