HALF ART: Creatives make chaos meaningful

BD Live| Chris Thurman:

BENJAMIN is an aspirant writer. If he were human, I’d advise him not to give up his day job. The sentences he produces are a bit like those of Donald Trump: they occasionally give the impression of internal coherence, but when you string them together, they make no sense at all. And often, they are grammatically impossible. Benjamin recently produced a script for a short film entitled Sunspring, in which (it seems) three characters are stuck in some kind of space ship, in a love triangle, in a dystopian future. The narrative and setting are discernible only because the actors, director and crew have done some remarkable work in turning Benjamin’s screenplay from a series of non sequiturs into a vague story… Read more

Image: An intelligent robot has written a film script, but to very limited success. Picture: ISTOCK