BD Live | Chris Thurman:

A couple of years ago, after writing about a William Kentridge exhibition, I received an e-mail from a bitter American who believes Kentridge is an intellectual thief, an aesthetic fraud and generally an overrated artist. It had the desperate, outraged tone of most missives by self-declared prophets crying out from the wilderness: “The world must know!” Anyone who produces work for public consumption is liable to become the target of poor souls with obsessive tendencies. Even we, humble columnists are not immune; you should see the crazies who write invective-laden letters to the editor about me or pop up in my Twitter notifications… Read more

Image: A still from the film that is the centrepiece of the William Kentridge exhibition, Notes Towards a Model Opera, with choreography and dance by Dada Masilo and soundtrack by Philip Miller. Picture: GOODMAN GALLERY