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Solo exhibition by Mathew Brittan | It’s not all that meets the i


Sublime | Group exhibition

18 March  (11:00) – 15 April 2017

at Moór Gallery, 4 Bordeaux Street, Franschhoek


Solo exhibition by Mathew Brittan | It’s not all that meets the i


Given what has come to be the state of affairs in the arts in the passing decades, is it not perhaps incumbent upon us to try and gain some clarity in all this obfuscation? Perhaps we can do this by remembering what Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) the initiator of Anthroposophy (who influenced artists as diverse as Kandinsky and Beuys) pointed out in his lectures “Truth, Beauty and Goodness ” and “The Aesthetics of Goethe’s Worldview ” . What does the aforementioned obfuscation in fact entail?

Firstly , the confusion of originality with novelty where anything goes ( here too, there being a confusion of the outer freedom to do whatever one wants , with the much more critical inner freedom of knowing why one is doing it , this being born of that human ideal of self – knowledge ) .

Secondly, the aggressive inroads of intellectuality into all sorts of domains of human endeavour, and which is often part of the aforementioned novelty in the arts.

In these lectures , the issue is raised as to where art belongs in those enduring , sublime extra- human realms of truth , beauty , and goodness , realms which in fact , respectively give rise and meaning to those three great human ideals of science , art , and , religion ( i.e. for example , if there were no such thing as truth , there would be no point in pursuing knowledge ) ? And further we may ask, which aspect of our humanness, we are after all also threefold, that is we think, we feel and we act, should art essentially engage?

Well , we legitimately locate scientific endeavour which essentially involves our human capacity to think , in the realm of truth ( – science is meant here in the broad sense , from the word scire , to know , thus including philosophy , dealing as it does with concepts , with ideas ) . And, we associate religion (that is in the original true sense of the word) which ultimately focuses on human conduct, with the realm of goodness.

Should not artistic pursuit then primarily engage the third aspect of our being , that is our feeling capacity , and thence bear us up to the realm of the beautiful – a beauty which in terms of painting , one tries essentially to express through colour , colour being the true medium of the painter (as form is that of the sculptor etc. )? But what is beauty,one may ask?

Perhaps, we can remind ourselves of Goethe’s characterization of beauty as being that quality which arises when we transfuse the perishable, the ephemeral with the light of the eternal, and the imperishable.


Sublime | Group exhibition

The group exhibition Sublime features a wide selection of impressive artworks of a supremely high standard and technical approach by some of South Africa’s leading contemporary artists.

“Whereas the beautiful is limited, the sublime is limitless, so that the mind in the presence of the sublime, attempting to imagine what it cannot, has pain in the failure but pleasure in contemplating the immensity of the attempt” 
– Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason

Featured Artists:

Henk Serfontein, Marinda Combrinck, Greta McMahon , Stephen Rosin, Diane McLean, Cedric Vanderlinden, Corlie de Kock, Cobus van Bosch, Marinda du Toit, Peter van Straten, Anthony Harris, Anton Brink, Madelein Marincowitz, Lori Schappe-Youens, Tracy Payne, Aidon Westcott, Judy Bumstead. Eugenie Marais, Diana Hyslop, Estelle Marais, Jenny Ord, Janna Kruger, Peter Mammes, Marike Kruger, Hubert Barichievy, Pascual Tarazona, Jacobus Kloppers, Alet Swarts, Jaco Benade, Brett Williams, Weyers du Toit, Anton Karstel, Jonathan Silverman, Michele Davidson, Leanne Olivier, Johann Nortje, Paula van Coller, Niël Jonker


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Image: Matthew Brittan