Historical prints collection at Durban Art Gallery

SABC | Blain Herman:


A huge body of mostly never-before seen hand-made prints – from the heyday of the Rorke’s Drift Arts and Craft Centre – has finally been given due prominence. These prints are believed to have made an enormous contribution to South African art. Produced solely by black artists, the Rorke’s Drift Arts and Craft Centre was situated on the historical Anglo Zulu War site.

Durban Art Gallery host to the historical prints

It attracted artists from all over the country. This collection’s on loan from the Jumuna Family.

They have been discreetly collecting these prints since the 1960’s.

“I met various artists and then I said how do we look at this art from now till 50 years, they said that will go down in history so it tempted me to collect more,” art collector Tharavathi Jumuna says.

The content varies from social to political commentary.

Director of the Durban Art Gallery Mduduzi Xakaza says the artists produce different kinds of pieces.

“”Generally they would produce works about the struggle but also about the effect of the injustice that was forced on the people at the time like landlessness, homelessness, poverty and all those terrible conditions.”

These historic artworks will remain at the Durban Art Gallery until the 14th of February, before touring the country.


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