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Plus, Google pays tribute to Zaha Hadid’s historic Pritzker Prize win and algorithms could change the way collectors buy art.

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Art From Ancient Christian Bakers Found in Rome – Archeologists using lasers to peel back layers of sediment in the Catacombs of Domatilla discovered a series of 1600-year-old frescoes commissioned by Roman bakers who were among the early waves of the city’s gradual conversion from paganism to Christianity. (New York Times)

South African Cape Party Sues National Gallery – In January, members of the political party were filmed fighting with staff from the Iziko South African National Gallery and vandalizing work at the exhibition, “F*** White People,” by Dean Hutton. Now, the Cape Party—led by Jack Miller, a white businessman—is suing the museum on the grounds of “racial hatred.” (IOL)… read more

Image: David Hockney. Photo: artnet news.