When we first heard about Chuma Somdaka, she was living in Company’s Garden and blogging about her life and her artistic journey from the nearby public library.

Since then, Somdaka’s life has taken some dramatic turns.

The Chuma Somdaka Art Foundation

A foundation has been established by Zapper to uplift and support underprivileged artists in South Africa. The foundation is inspired by Chuma Somdaka, who was recognised by the company as an artist with a tremendous amount of potential.

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Upon originally hearing her story on Carte Blanche in 2016, Zapper reached out to Somdaka and is empowering her to use her art to earn a living, so that she is able to support herself on her journey away from a life on the streets.

The artist and her future

In partnership with 100ForChange, Zapper is currently covering Somdaka’s expenses for accommodation and meals in a clean and safe residence while she studies towards an art degree at the prestigious Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock, Cape Town.

In addition, Zapper has developed a digital platform for Chuma to sell her art and is assisting her in developing skills that will empower her as a young entrepreneur.

With Chuma’s vision and Zapper’s commitment to creating a platform for positive change, the Chuma Somdaka Art Foundation endeavours to mentor, uplift and inspire promising South African artists from disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they too may turn a dream into a reality.

How you can help

All donations made on the Chuma Somdaka Art Foundation website will assist the organisation in achieving its goal to make a difference in artists’ lives in a meaningful and sustainable way.

To learn more about the Chuma Somdaka Art Foundation, purchase artwork or make a donation go to www.chumasomdaka.co.za

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