With rising rents and soaring art fair costs, it’s hard to imagine how dealers survive—much less thrive—in the current economic climate. But there are many who do, of course, so we asked nine of the hardest-working art dealers we know about the work routines and rituals that keep their careers on track.

Many art galleries have entryway desks, but that doesn’t mean dealers should be chained to them. “I hate chairs! I work best when I’m lying on the ground,” says Liz Caballero of Bogota’s Sketch Gallery, which was one of the first spaces to open in the city’s growing arts district, San Felipe. “I think being and feeling grounded really has so many benefits for my state of mind and ability to focus.”

Laura Windhager of Vienna’s Gianni Manhattan gallery finds working from cafés easier when she needs to finish texts or fill out lengthy applications. “There is this great tradition of sitting and writing or reading in coffee houses here. You can linger for hours in those old, mid-century cafés like Sperl or Kafka with one drink and just write. Read more