How has the Internet changed art?

Tech Central | The Conversation | Simon Willmetts:

How has the Internet changed art? It is this ambitious question that an exhibition enticingly named Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966) at the Whitechapel Gallery in London sets out to answer. The exhibition takes you through a reverse chronology of major digital and Internet-themed artworks. We begin in the present before being transported along a helter-skelter tour into the past, all the way back to 1967 when Bell Laboratory began sponsoring collaborations between artists and technologists. These collaborations coincided with the birth of the Internet. In 1968, the first packet-switching network, Arpanet, went online, and formed the technological foundation of the modern Internet… Read more 

Image: Addie Wagenknecht, Asymetric Love, 2013. Whitechapel Gallery