‘I Miss Gossiping!’: How the Invite-Only Social-Media App Clubhouse Is Making the Art World Fun Again (Even Without the Parties)

We took a tour through the buzzy new audio-only platform Clubhouse, which has taken the art world by storm.

I received a text-invite to download an app a week ago from a former gallerist friend. Suffice it to say, I felt underwhelmed by the idea of downloading yet another program onto my phone, but was intrigued enough by her recommendation that I signed up for Clubhouse, an exclusive audio-only app.

The rest of my work day went on as usual and then, suddenly, at night, my notifications started to light up. Something was happening—the art world was meeting up.

Somewhere between Twitter, LinkedIn, and an ad-hoc podcast, Clubhouse, which launched last April, has been snowballing in popularity in recent months, helped in no small part by the lockdown measures of the past year. People are stuck at home and seeking ways to connect. After a new slew of art-fair postponements last month, and as it becomes increasingly likely that business as usual is still far off in some hazy, post-vaccine future, Clubhouse is here, giving us some of the networked, buzzy energy we’ve been missing.