fin24 | By Lloyd Gedye

$450m. The record amount for which Salvator Mundi, the long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting of Jesus Christ, commissioned by King Louis XII of France around 1505, was sold at auction in New York in November last year. For many the idea of paying that much for a painting seems ludicrous. But a video titled The Last da Vinci: The World is Watching (see, illustrates the dilemma embedded in investing in art.

It shows members of the public staring at Salvator Mundi with looks of awe, anguish, contemplation and joy, and some overcome with emotion.  Interacting with an artwork is a truly emotional experience. The art market can’t help but be a space where money meets emotion. Susie Goodman, the Johannesburg general manager for Strauss & Co, says the South African art market is small and easy to navigate….read more

Image: Susie Goodman General manager for Strauss & Co in Johannesburg