Rebecca Smithers: The Guardian

They were a symbol of the 1980s and a cheap and cheerful way of hanging posters, photographs and other artwork while avoiding the indelible horrors of Blu Tack.

But after more than 30 years, the classic clip-frame is falling out of favour, as the booming trend for so-called “gallery walls” means consumers are seeking a wider and more imaginative range of framing options.

John Lewis is to stop selling the versatile but arguably basic clip-frame after a slump in sales. Instead, shoppers seeking to liberate their digital photographs and Instagram images to curate and create a style statement on their walls are choosing a more mix-and-match look. As well as photos, art and postcards, this includes pretty plates, funky mirrors and even customised empty frames. …Read More

Image: Walls are now a style statement. Photograph: Lluís Real/Getty Images/age fotostock RM