Ignore the art market – there is only one Bruegel that matters

The guardian | Jonathan Jones:

Why does the British art world persist in pretending there is more than one great artist called Bruegel, or indeed Brueghel? The Holburne Museum’s new exhibition claims to be “the UK’s first exhibition devoted to the Bruegel dynasty,” but this Flemish family get all too much attention, from high-profile sales tocampaigns to “save” their art. Did you notice that variation in the spelling of the family name? Here is my golden rule: the only Bruegel worth bothering with is the one whose name is spelled without the “h”. Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c1525–69) is one of the most imaginative, original and captivating artists in history… Read more

Image: A second-rate simulacrum … Pieter Brueghel the Younger’s painting Wedding Dance in the Open Air. Photograph: Dominic Brown/Holburne Museum