NWU Gallery
14 February – 21 March
Ikhaya Lika Moya
Sethembiso Zulu

Words by Senzeni Marasela, curator of Ikhaya Lika Moya.


Ikhaya Lika Moya is Sethembiso Zulu début solo show, what we are showing on the 14 February 2021 is a selection of his body of work. Zulu’s work is intriguing, especially with this work which is part of a trilogy. It forms part of a new body of work that he’s developing in that response to his journey as an artist and photographer and a healer and trying to negotiate the modern world.

Hlomani Izikhali

Zulu has an extensive body of work developed over a period of ten years. His subject matter ranges from portraits of widows, jazz, township life, and largely work with religious themes. Ikhaya Lika Moya is an exploration into the Zionist Christian congregations. His church membership allows the work the intimacy it enjoys and the people are familiar to him. This body of work also extends into objects of worship like the “izikhali” (softwood maces) which Zulu presents as an installation. His foray into autobiographical film work will be presented in the show.

This is essentially Zulus journeys as an Artist, Healer and photographer which intersects at the point of searching for spiritual contentment. Zulu presents his first institutional solo show and a debut curatorial undertaking by the Artist and Curator, Senzeni Marasela.

The exhibition opens on 14 February 2021 at North-West University Gallery in Potchefstroom.

Ikhaya Likamoya


Yehla Moya Oyingcwele