Inside the $80M scam that rocked the art world

New York Post | Michael Kaplan:

The painting was easy to love, and Domenico and Eleanore De Sole fell hard. The Rothko even came with a romantic back story. As explained to the De Soles by Ann Freedman, then the highly regarded president of Knoedler & Co. — founded in 1846 and Manhattan’s oldest art gallery — it emerged from the collection of a mysterious Swiss heir. The man’s business-traveling father bought paintings directly from rising art stars of the 1950s. Freedman added that the piece, depicting Mark Rothko’s signature-style rectangles, had gone largely unseen by art-world cognoscenti… Read more 

Image: Pei-Shen Qian, who forged the painting on the left, said he never intended for it to be sold as a real Mark Rothko painting, like the painting on the right.Photo: ABC News, Alamy