Why Iran’s First Contemporary Arab Art Exhibit Was Important

VICE | Dorian Geiger:

Photographer and filmmaker Arwa Al Neami concealed her camera as she sank into the driver’s seat of a bumper car on a gender-segregated ride at an amusement park in southern Saudi Arabia. With a rainbow of other cars whirling to life around her, she, too, accelerated. Steering with her left hand, and clutching her camera with her right, she discreetly focused the lens on the other women drivers and their black burkas. Instead of ramming into one another, these Saudi women seemed to be coasting aimlessly—indulging solely in the raw and simple pleasure of driving. But the fleeting moments, captured by Al Neami, are more eerie than euphoric… Read more

Image: From photographer Arwa Al Neami’s ‘Never Never Land’ series, which exhibited at the Spheres of Influence show in Tehran last month. Image by Arwa Al Neami