Iziko SA National Gallery’s Pam Warne Passes Away

Art Times | Staff Writer:


After battling a rare autoimmune disorder for many months, Pam Warne succumbed to her illness on Saturday 15 March, 2014. Iziko’s curator of Photography and New Media was inspired and dedicated to the visual arts and her profession. At the time her illness took hold, she was working on her Master’s thesis on the life and work of photographer, Ann Fischer. Sadly, she was unable to complete this.

Pam Warne was well established figure at Iziko. Before becoming a curator, she was their designated photographer. Having no relatives in the country, it has been said that she treated her colleagues as family. Those who knew her speak of her unending compassion towards others.

Good friend, Hayden Proud wrote: “Pam set the highest ethical standards in both her work and in her own life. She was always the first to come to the aid of anyone in need, and was wholly unselfish, as well as compassionate and loyal. Any request for help or a favour was never denied, and she always went that extra mile without resentment or complaint.”

The SA Art Times would like to send their condolences to Pam’s remaining relatives. May she always be remembered for her contribution to the art world and to the lives that she has touched.


A memorial service will be held at Doves, Observatory (Cape Town) on 24 March, 15:00.