Has Jeff Koons earned his place in art history?

APOLLO | Jonathan McAloon:

Greedy Jeff Koons, bored of dominating the contemporary scene, has for years wanted to get himself the canon. So it is that, in his latest show at Almine Rech’s new Mayfair space, the viewer is greeted by Tintoretto’s masterworkThe Origin of the Milky Way – or rather, Koons’s version of it. Along with the seven other historical compositions displayed in the gallery, it is a replica. The lower centre of each canvas is dominated by the contemporary artist’s addition of a glass ball in the same deep lapis lazuli that is so prominent in the Venetian’s painting… Read more

Image: Gazing Ball (Tintoretto The Origin of the Milky Way) (2016), Jeff Koons. © Jeff Koons – Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery