Joburg art squad are crowd-funding their way to Ghana

Sunday Times | Carlos Amato:


A new collective, the JHBMASSIVE Supercrew, are on a crowd-funded mission to attend the Chale Wote street art festival in Ghana – and change the individualistic culture of the local art scene


The JHBMassive Supercrew: 15 acclaimed Joburg artists who “believe in collaboration over competition.” Image: Dean Hutton

The South African arts world can be a brutal ecosystem. Artists have to jostle for recognition and funding from a tower of institutional power: galleries, festivals, dealers, theatres and state agencies. It’s a complex game, and it takes fierce individualist drive as well as creative ability to succeed. As a result, teamwork – between artists and between art forms – is not a big thing. 

But a brave new team of artists are committed to defying this culture. The JHBMassive Supercrew are 15 acclaimed Joburg artists, working in an array of media, who “believe in collaboration over competition.”…


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