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Joburg’s new architectural landmarks house astonishing art collections
The Bank and Jewel City are just some of the developments featuring art in new and interesting ways — sometimes on a vast scale, writes Graham Wood

The Bank in Rosebank, a striking 13-storey black brick building designed by architect Enrico Daffonchio that rose from the remains of the former FNB, includes a hotel and co-working space.
Each hotel room has at least four or five original artworks that were specially commissioned for the building, so the number of artworks runs into the thousands. (The developer, Blend Property Group’s Mark Epstein, recently founded the art curation company Art Gazette, which commissioned the work.)
The co-working space — four storeys of it — is also filled with original artworks from David Krut Projects, an arts institution perhaps best known for its print workshop, which collaborates with some of SA’s top artists, and a fabulous catalogue of art publications.