Johannesburg Art Gallery brief – judges announced

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Johannesburg is a city of contradictions – the poor live shoulder-to-shoulder with the wealthy, a man-made forest grows in amongst the concrete and tar, the old stands adjacent to the new.


In 2014, PG Bison and the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) partnered to create a brief that addresses this – the modern extension of JAG, built in 1987, has fallen into disrepair. This basement gallery was originally built to house contemporary art exhibitions, and sits alongside the historic art gallery building erected almost a century ago.

This year’s brief asks that students remodel or rebuild the modern extension of JAG, remaining sympathetic to the historic structure from which it stems – made all the more exciting by the fact that students’ designs may be used in part or in full for the refurbishment of the building going forward.

In order to judge this unique brief, PG Bison has enlisted the likes of some of the design industry’s top players. There are some familiar faces with the competition welcoming back Pat Henry of MDS Architecture, Phill Mashabane of Mashabane Rose Associates, Nthabi Taukobong of Ditau Interiors, and Callie van der Merwe of the Design Partnership.

This year will see the addition of three new personalities to the judging panel including Antoinette Murdoch, the chief curator of JAG. When asked what she hopes to see in this year’s entries, Antoinette said: “I’d like to see a design that conveys a sense of lightness, openness and airiness. The design should reflect and incorporate the community and people surrounding the Johannesburg Art Gallery.” The two last judges making up this year’s panel will be announced within the coming weeks.

To see the judges’ biographies, as well as their answers to some questions we posed to them, go to the Judging page on our website.

The 2014 Road Show kicked off in early February. Be sure to contact the competition and awards office to book a presentation onthis year’s brief.

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