Human for sale: the artist who turned herself into a corporation

The guardian | Nell Frizzell:

We live in a world awash with stories of stolen metadata, search engines that allow us to watch live videos of babies sleeping and toys that can be hackedto steal your child’s name, birth date and gender; what Al Gore summed up as our “stalker economy”. So the image of Jennifer Lyn Morone, standing in an oversized suit, bulldog-clamped down her spine like a fabric dinosaur, and talking about the “business opportunity” of buying her “blood, sweat and tears”, is strangely hilarious… Read more

Image: ‘We confess our darkest secrets to the search bar, and line the pockets of big business as we do’ … Still from shoot of Promotional Video for Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc Photograph: Ilona Gaynor/Courtesy of the artist and Carroll / Fletcher, London