Keyes Art Mile serves audiences the best

Rosebank Killarney Gazette | Naidine Sibanda

Lovers of all things art and design had a special day set aside just for them by Keyes Art Mile on 12 May. To kick things into motion was a five-piece band, Runaway Train Cult, whose acoustic music would keep the audience entertained throughout the event. The showcase presented a unique collection from the historical pioneers of what has now become modern art. The umbrella company, True Design, gave the audience an enhanced experience of how these iconic designs were made by screening a series of three films, courtesy of Cassina.

“Cassina is the main brand which originates in Italy but incorporates designs from all over the world and distributes to local markets. We bought the rights and licensing to own the designs and the numbering system creates value ownership,” Aldon Mc Leod, managing director of True Design said. He went on to say that he believes each piece should be appreciated in its own stand-alone concept. Those interested in the pieces could order and buy. To tech things up a bit was TMRW digital gallery which enabled audiences to walk into the art and be a part of it. “Art is evolving and so many different elements are being incorporated. The name hints to forward thinking and we want people to experience something new every day. The key word, augmented reality tells of more depth,” curator Chiedza Hamadziripi explained…read more

Image: Naidine Sibanda