Lesego Moncho “Decade of Expression and Creativity”

Pablo Picasso the most prolific artist in history crosses one’s mind when looking at Mr Moncho’s works. Bringing it back home, South African artists like, Irma Stern, Alexis Preller, Walter Battis, Gerhard Sekoto, Cecil Skotnes, are Moncho’s sources of inspiration including George Pemba and many other abstract artists in and around the country.
Moncho takes us on his decade of expressive and creative works.

Lesego Moncho Lady in blue (480×800)

Reflections of memories of his beautiful village, the murals on the village homes, his interest in earthy colours which made him feel closer to mother nature, and his interest in drawing animals
His love for experimentation grew. A curious venturing mind and a phase in his life where anxiety, loneliness, depression ultimately caused the flatness in one’s life. The flatness expressions on his work is as the result of the many times that one lived without being pleasant, interestingly that awakened the artist in him.

The figures and the backgrounds are integrated to lift the spirit and bring harmony into the works, he uses Impasto to add energy and lift the mood in the flatness of his works. Lesego’s work is a protest against all social illnesses that includes, human rights abuses, obesity and literary.

“My canvas is a space in which to act, what is on the canvas is not a picture but an event” says Moncho.
Exhibition runs from 13 February – 20 March

Lesego Monch The fisherman village
Lesego Monch The village scape (800×392)
Lesego Moncho The horn player (428×800)