Live Art Festival in Cape Town: Not your mother’s arts festival

Daily Maverick | J Brooks Spector:


The opening of the second Live Art festival in Cape Town gives J. BROOKS SPECTOR a chance to speak with the festival director Jay Pather about what this push-your-buttons, stretch-the-envelope festival includes and hopes to achieve.


What with all the world crises to worry about, and those troublesome developments in South Africa as well, maybe a little multi-media, push-the-envelope, move beyond the usual boundaries, cultural festival is just what one needs, for a change. If so, then the Live Art festival – opening in Cape Town on Wednesday, 27 August and running through 6 September – may be just the right ticket. Live Art offers works from around the world, especially selected to challenge, confront and seduce, but never to reassure.

Besides South Africans, participating artists and performers include figures from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, United States, Cameroon, Nigeria, Netherlands and Ghana. The festival takes place in various spaces on the University of Cape Town (UCT) Hiddingh Campus, the Cape Town City Hall and several other nearby venues, such that audiences can attend up to five works per evening…


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