Louvre may safeguard artefacts from war-torn areas

THE ART NEWSPAPER | Gareth Harris:

Endangered works of art from war-torn regions may be housed at the Louvre’s planned new storage facility in Liévin near Lens, said François Hollande, the President of France, yesterday (1 November).

Hollande was speaking at the Louvre-Lens where he opened the exhibition History Begins in Mesopotamia (until 23 January 2017). The French mission to safeguard cultural sites in areas of conflict, preventing the pillaging and trafficking of objects, is moving ahead, he said. “This show has not come about by chance. We wanted it at the moment when heritage was under threat in Iraq and Syria.”… Read more

Image: President Francois Hollande inaugurated the exhibition The Story begins in Mesopotamia at the Louvre Lens (Image: © Présidence de la République)