THE ART NEWSPAPER  | Anna Somers Cocks:

The first ever sale of African art by Sotheby’s London on 16 May reflected both the current interest in the art and the immaturity of this market, and posed the question, what is African art anyway.

The ultra-chic Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris is showing (until 28 August) a selection of the biggest collection of African art in the world, put together by the Frenchman, Jean Pigozzi. This is proof of interest in the subject, even though the show’s title—Art/Africa: le nouvel atelier (the new studio)—suggests an unawareness that African art is not a new discovery, having featured prominently in Venice Biennales and Documentas over the past decade …read more

Image | Courtesy of Sotheby’s | The Angolan collector Sindika Dokolo