For time immemorial people have debated: ‘what makes something art?’ With the rise of artificial intelligence we ask: ‘can AI be creative?’ There is a new wave of artists using AI as part of their artistic process and truly opening up both debates.

In June 2018, I commissioned the fabulous Luba Elliott to curate an exhibition for CogX called ‘Machine Dreams.’ The show looked at the state of art in the age of AI and as Luba describes it, brought together “a range of aesthetic experiments, critical reflections and future predictions.”

The exhibition artists included Libby Heaney, Mario Klingemann, Gene Kogan, Sarah Meyohas, Sascha Pohflepp, Fabrizio Poltronieri, Anna Ridler, Mike Tyka and Pinar Yoldas. It’s clear from these artists that there are many ways AI can be incorporated into the artistic process. Luba described how AI can be used to “generate images, text and sounds based on chosen data”. It can also be used to “suggest plot lines and concepts for further development or creating interactive work that responds to an individual’s movements”. The possibilities are endless – so I asked a handful of the artists who exhibited to elaborate on their work – in the hope it will inspire you to see AI in another light. Read more