The Maitland Institute is run by Tammi Glick, a director at Daleglen Property Group. At a cafe on Long Street, Tammi makes it clear that she’s not a curator but a facilitator of Maitland Institute – a new non-profit art space that was once a casings factory. This title, she says, allows freedom and fluidity when it comes to deciding how the large industrial space is navigated by the artists and audience.

Online information about the institute is sparse. According to the about section of its website, “The Maitland Institute is a space in Cape Town dedicated to art and ideas.” Outside of Woodstock, the now gentrified art hub of the Mother City, and unlike galleries that operate with retail agendas, the Maitland Institute – where renowned artist Penny Siopis is currently doing a four month residency – offers something outside of the economic and political framework we’ve come to expect when interacting with certain art on public display. read more