Rust en Vrede Gallery

Marike Kleynscheldt – Exhibition: Blink Kant Bo / On the Bright Side | 09/02/2021 until 10/03/2021

Marike Kleynscheldt | Tethered: _Acrylic on Canvas

‘Blink Kant Bo’ / ‘On the Bright Side’ is an allegorical exhibition exploring the artist’s personal struggle with depression and anxiety in a time of great uncertainty. Her initial concept, before the worldwide Pandemic, was that every painting would contain a ribbon – whether just a tiny peek or full blown chaos.

Ribbons would come to symbolise a silver lining of sorts; light and hope.
“What I found after the pandemonium sunk in, was that I didn’t have the heart to compose serene still life, I just wanted to lose myself in the act of painting, and that’s what I did. Bright, reflective paintings took over, and they brightened my disposition and caused many thoughtful reflections through nights in front of my easel. ”

Exhibition catalogue

Marike Kleynscheldt | Awareness: Acrylic on Canvas


Marike Kleynscheldt | Two for joy: Acrylic on Canvas


Marike Kleynscheldt | Yes, and: Acrylic on Canvas


Marike Kleynscheldt | Peaking: Acrylic on Canvas