Marina Abramović Says Children Hold Back Female Artists

artnet News | Henri Neuendorf:

In a deeply personal and frank interview with the German daily newspaperTagesspiegel, the artist Marina Abramović addressed her art, the reason why she never had children, and her new interest in pole dancing.

For over 40 years Abramović has attracted attention with her performances which have been characterized by extreme ambition, discipline, and self-control. In 2010, the Serbian-born, New York-based artist debuted a durational performance piece in the atrium of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, The Artist is Present, which resulted in a documentary by the same name, in 2012. Since then, she’s performed 512 Hours at an empty Serpentine Gallery in London, taken part in a participatory project in Athens, and is reportedly writing an autobiography, due out later this year… Read more

Image: Marina Abramovic in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 8, 2015. Courtesy of NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images