Meet Hanneli Rupert, African luxury pioneer

Telegraph | Ellie Pithers:


The daughter of luxury goods mogul Johann Rupert on style, South Africa and carving her own path with luxury handbag brand Okapi

Hanneli Rupert may design luxury handbags for a living, but even she is not immune to the lure of a Tesco Bag for Life.

The South African handbag designer Hanneli Rupert in her west London home Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY 

“I’m always stealing them off my parents, they’ve got tons of them,” she says, flopping into a chair at a Sloane Square café one sunny Friday afternoon, and depositing the cherished hessian bag under the table. This would be unremarkable but for the fact that Rupert’s parents are Johann Rupert, the South African luxury goods mogul, and Gaynor Rupert, who breeds race horses. I would have thought they were more Fortnum & Mason than Tesco shoppers…


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