Meet Paddle8’s Alexander Gilkes, Art auction Disruptor

OBSERVER | Zachary Weiss:

Alexander Gilkes was undoubtedly prepared for the Observer. Sporting a cozy cardigan and a cheerful disposition while brandishing a notebook, pen and the prerequisite iPhone, he remained astute throughout our hour-long conversation. The art auctioneer, accompanied by his pet pooch Thatcher, rarely talks to press, so he came prepared for questions about his royal employees and friends, and that time he gave a vineyard tour to Jay Z in North Western France many years and careers ago. Given his pedigree and job history, Mr. Gilkes—pronounced “Jilkez”—is a study in opulence, but also discretion… Read more

Image: Paddle8 founder Alexander Gilkes has welcomed everyone into the art auction world. Paddle8-illustration-by-Mario-Wagner