Mega-Rich Nigerian Ex-General’s Son Makes Art World Splash

Artnet News | Coline Milliard:


Theo Danjuma laughs as he recalls first encountering the work of Matias Faldbakken at a friend’s house in Berlin. The piece he saw involved bits of tape stuck directly onto the wall. “It was one of those; I was so freaked out,” the 28-year-old collector says when we meet at Electric House, minutes from his Notting Hill home. “At the time, it was such a shock, I had no way of comprehending [it].”

Theo Danjuma
Courtesy Danjuma Collection

This was only a few years ago, but Danjuma is a quick learner. Today, he describes the Norwegian artist—and his conceptually-driven assemblages of everyday objects—as making up “a big part” of his collection, which also features works by the likes of Jordan Wolfson, Cory Arcangel, Jason Rhoades, and Danh Vō. Hooked on contemporary art since the purchase of a Julie Mehretu work on paper in 2008, Danjuma has embraced art collecting with gusto. To date, he’s bought over 400 works, some of which will be shown in the exhibition “One Man’s Trash (Is Another Man’s Treasure),” which opens at 33 Fitzroy Square in London on October 6…


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