Millions of Square Feet, Billions of Dollars: An Arts Universe Expands

The New York Times | Reed Kroloff:

If you need proof of the adage “When the economy sneezes, the arts catch a cold,” consider this: Between 1994 and 2008, the United States added or expanded more than 700 cultural projects, valued at $15.5 billion, according to a University of Chicago study. By 2010, after the housing bubble had burst, “We were happy just to be invited to compete,” said Chris McVoy, senior partner in the New York City-based architecture firm of Steven Holl. “There simply wasn’t any arts-related work out there.”… Read more

Image: Thomas Heatherwick’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, adapted from a bundle of 42, 100-foot-high concrete grain silos along the waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa: Heatherwick Studio